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Camp Companion thanks all of its supporters who share the love by volunteering, donating, and adopting to help make life better for feral, stray or homeless companion animals. Enjoy our latest success and special stories.

If you’ve adopted from Camp Companion and would like to share your photos and a good mew or happy tail, send it to us in an email at


Fiona and Fauna adopted together, are really loving their new home!



Baritone now Jaxson came to us from the Pine Ridge Rez.  He learned how to jingle the bells to let his family know he needs to go potty!  Now that's a smart dog!




Brutus has certianly found his place! (tan dog)

Brutus a.k.a. Bernie was on his last day on the impound at Burnsville impound.  That was three years ago.  Some bumps and adjustments but his family stuck it out and this is the result!


Camp Campion Volunteer Coordinator wins
KTTC Women With Drive Award!

Teresa Zais won the award in August of 2009. She truly is a woman with drive. Teresa joined Camp Companion in 2007 as a volunteer fostering a litter of kittens. She then stepped “all in” by heading up the organization’s adoption and volunteer coordination programs. With Teresa’s energy and enthusiasm, Camp Companion’s adoption program has grown by more than 100% as has our volunteer base. Camp Companion is thrilled Teresa is on the team! Click here to download the video.

Foster kitty Mazda races into hearts of area couple
October 17th, 2009

Post Bulletin Article - Click here

Today's Smile

Ode to a Fungus

There’s a fungus among us….a culprit I say
That plagues me and haunts me…scares others away
It lingers and waits in the cracks of my floor
It hovers on curtains, on windows behind doors

There’s hair loss and itching, paranoia and fret
Each cat, every child, the whole world’s got it I bet!
I can’t run, I can’t hide the spores chase me by day
Land on me, grow on me, at night while I lay

If I itch, if I crawl if I see a red spot
To the cabinet for cream and a shower…..scalding hot!
Oh………the madness this fungus stirs up inside
The power it has - volunteers run and hide

It is RINGWORM I tell you…..not a worm or a bug
It’s just a fungus among us growing deep in my rug
So I scrub it and bleach it, vinegar might work well
Pull the hair, pick away, until no signs of it swell

I’ll keep it confined till the snow flies and then….
Hold my breath ‘til next spring when in comes back again

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