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Please check out the latest postings on the Southeast Minnesota Lost and Found Pet Facebook page as well as the Lost Dogs - MN Facebook page and Lost Cats - MN facebook page to stay up to date on listings around the area. If you have a lost or found animal you can fill out a lost or found form and we will get it potsted out as soon as we can.

Lost & Found

What to do if your pet is missing:

  • Act immediately! A fast start is the best start. Your pet may need your assistance to return home safely.
  • Check your neighborhood thoroughly. Whistling, calling, walking, and driving are still the best first steps to finding a lost pet. Talk to neighbors, leaving a description of your pet with as many people as you can. The more people watching out for your pet, the better. Neighborhood children, paper carrier and mail carrier can be especially helpful.
  • Call Camp Companion at 507-951-7801
  • Contact local city facilities to see if your animal has been impounded
  • Impounded animals are not kept indefinitely. Options range from releasing to animal rescue groups, adoptions, or euthanasia. If impounded, you should be prepared – you’ll likely be required to pay necessary fees and/or a fine if your pet is not properly vaccinated and licensed.
  • Contact local rescue / humane organizations to let them know your pet is missing and see if they have any information.
  • If you adopted an animal from Camp Companion, please contact us ASAP at 507-951-7801
  • Advertise that your pet is lost.
  • Most grocery stores have a community bulletin board where you may be able to post flyers.
  • Hand out flyers in the neighborhood where your pet was lost or last seen
  • Notify vet clinics in your area to see if your pet was brought in injured by a good samaritan.
  • Post a listing on Craig’s List and Pets911 and web sites.
  • Above all, don’t give up searching for your lost pet after just a few days or even weeks. Keep checking your available resources. Your pet may wander or may be cared for by someone for some time before being turned in to a shelter.

Click here for a format for a lost poster you can fill in and print.

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