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Adopt a Second Hand Cat - Love and Be Loved

We often save kittens and focus on getting them happy, healthy and into their first home – but our work is most rewarding when we are able to help an adult cat get a second chance to love and be loved in a caring new home.

Meet Mason, who’d like to make a pitch on behalf of all “Second Hand Cats”

“I made it. I’m a second hand cat with a great home. Many cats like me that are looking for a new home are 6months and older – we’re second hand cats. We’ve often been abandoned, neglected, or dumped off finding ourselves in a terrifying, lonely, unfamiliar world. We’ve survived hunger, pain and fear – but we try to overcome the odds and survive to love and be loved again. We’re second hand cats. More times than not we’ve been abandoned because we weren’t convenient for our owners (they chose to move someplace that wouldn’t take cats or didn’t want to drive with us in the car to a new city.) Seldom are we discarded for personality or bad behavior – and now we are second hand cats, trying again to beat the odds.

Ok, I know, little kittens are sooooo cute – I’ll give you that, they’re just babies. But, like human babies they may not be a 24/7 bundle of joy. And hey, in less than a year those cutie-pies will be just as big as me. In the mean time, they’ll be getting stuck behind your washer, chewing your electrical cords and treating your drapes like a jungle gym – my friends and I have already gone through that “know no danger” stage – and don’t get me started on their high-pitch level of energy! My more mature friends can bring their reasonable calm and wisdom to a home that we would love to be loved in.

A friend for your dog? Kittens aren’t slam dunk dog lovers just because they’re young, and some don’t adjust. My buddies and I might like to hang out with your dog. Plenty of my friends waiting for a home have been around dogs – and hey – while dogs aren’t as smart as us cats, they can be fun buddies. Ok, that’s my pitch for adopting an older kitty. Please take a little time and visit with the slightly older rescued cats for a possible love of your life.

And oh, by the way. . . .adopting a rescued ADULT cat gives you totally awesome karma. Trust us, we’re not just “second hand cats”, we’re felines, we have 9 lives, and we’ve got pull!”

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