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A page in a trapper’s diary

9:30am: I received an e-mail from a gentleman who had adopted a kitten that I had fostered…one of my very favorites; Walker-9. He asked if we could help with a mom and three kittens that had been spotted outside the conference room at IBM. I responded with the usual barrage of questions: Are we sure they are strays? Do they appear wild? How big are they? How many are there? How long have they been there?

After I was certain they were cats that had been left there, the answer was easy. Of course, it was “yes, we’ll help”. He was grateful. He said he contacted animal control, who explained they were unable to help, then remembered me telling him about Camp Companion’s TNR program when he met us at PetCo when adopting Walker-9. He followed up with a picture of one of the kittens he just took from his window.

11am: I arrived at IBM and talked with the receptionist who assured me we had all the right approvals and that a lot of people had been worried. I set the 3 traps that I had in the bushes of the courtyard. It seemed like a hundred pairs of eyes must have been watching through the windows wondering what I was up to.

1pm: A couple hours went by and I came back to check the traps, but all was still. After finding them empty again at 3pm, I let the receptionist know that I would come back about 6pm and 10pm. I could sense the speculation in her voice as she asked “do you think we will save them?” I assured her there was no other option.

6pm: Sure enough, momma and 2 furry scared boys were in the traps. Momma was very upset and it wasn’t clear if she was tame or not. After some soft conversation and bringing her babies to her, she talked to me in a thankful tone that set my mind at ease. The boys were adorable…one orange guy, one long haired fluff of a brown tabby. The names came easy - ‘PC’ and ‘Mac’ had a bright healthy glow to their eyes. Mom had done a wonderful job.

I worried that there was one very lonesome kitten left in the bushes somewhere, so I left 2 traps set with the stinkiest savory salmon cat food I could find. When I returned at 10pm, there she was, barely visible in the dim light….a sweet tortie girl now named ‘Mouse’.

11pm: Ida (mom) is all settled in the bathroom with lots of food and warm bedding. She is still scared but lets me pet her and she returns a few rubs. Mac, PC and Mouse are snuggled in the kitten room, probably confused, but all together and eating like they must have been very hungry. Not a hiss to be heard.

11:30pm: The day is done and I will need to call IBM tomorrow to let them know all is well and the family they rescued will be fine. Sweet dreams.

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